Author / Journalist

  • Author of two books
  • Author of articles on social welfare subjects for the Capital
    e.g. also for the newspaper “Leipziger Volkszeitung” ( = People’s News), the “Amerika Woche” (=America Weekly), the DMSG (= Deutsche Multiple Sklerose Gesellschaft = German multiple sclerosis society)
  • As journalist: member of the Munich Press Club
  • As consultant in the special field of pension law and as guest speaker in the MDR (Central German Radio Station) on the program “Escher hilft”

Books (The books are available in German version only.)


Rette Deine Rente! (Save your pension!)
Edition MOEWIG-VERLAG (State: 1997)
ISBN: 3-8118-1336-6

The legal pension is being discussed. For a wide majority in Germany it still constitutes the most important financial basis for old age and disability status as far as profession or secure income is concerned, as well as the living basis for bereaved individuals. Anyone who just waits for his retirement pension ruling might give away much of this money. The actual pension amount, in most cases, can be influenced by earlier considerations and decisions: by choosing the most practical date for the pension start, by avoiding empty periods, and by using opportunities for subsequent payments.

This up-to-date adviser offers individual solutions, easy to understand and practical – containing special rules for women, for the new Lands of the FRG, resettled persons and those living in foreign countries, with ad hoc examples, thumb-rules, and clearly arranged tables for the calculation of your own retirement benefits, check lists, and addresses.

The Author, Johann L. Walter, is a consultant on pension matters, admitted to courts, with offices in Munich and Leipzig. Earlier, he had been working for many years with a pension insurance institution. As an expert on German and foreign pension law, he is also a regular writer for “Capital”, the well-know magazine on finance and economy.


Rente für Frauen (Pension for Women)
Edition NEFF-VERLAG (State: 1996)
ISBN: 3-8118-5393-7

Too many women – married, widowed or single – just rely on the legal old pension as to be sufficient. Very often, however, it will become necessary to provide for supplementary retirement benefits. Every woman should, therefore, know ahead of time what amount of pension she can expect, in order to make use of advantages and file claims. Johann L. Walter, expert on pension and employee benefits, provides for you a guidance through the tangle of pension laws and computation bases and explains:

  • which types of pension exist
  • how you obtain pension claims
  • how you calculate your pension
  • what is the best time to file your application for pension
  • in which manner you are to file an application for pension
  • how you check a pension ruling received.